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Gabrielle Rubin, Founder/Instructor
Gabrielle Rubin, Founder/Instructor

Self Defense Products

  • Keychain Baton

    The Kubotan keychain is a close-quarter self-defense weapon. Made of aluminum, it measures 5.5 inches long.  If someone attacks you, strike the bony targets such as knuckles, wrists, bridge of the nose, or the fleshy and nerve targets such as solar plexus, neck, eyes, groin, etc. With keys attached, it can also function as a flailing weapon. Generally speaking, swinging strikes work better against bony surfaces while fleshy areas are more susceptible to pokes and jabs with the end of the Kubotan. Colors: Pink, Black, Silver. Please specify your choice upon checkout.$6.00

  • Keychain Personal Alarm

    The Personal Alarm provides security against harassment or attack by emitting a loud high 80 decibel sound that can be heard up to 250 feet. Ideal for both younger and elderly people, joggers, and anyone looking for a safety device that can be carried anywhere with ease. Since the alarms are on a key chain, they can be placed in your pocket or jacket where they stay within close reach when you need them. Activate the alarm by pulling out the chain. Deactivate alarm by pushing the pin back to its original position. Powered by the included two cell batteries (CR2032).   Choose Blue, White (listed as Silver on the option) ,or Pink $5.00

  • LED Flashlight

    Super bright 9 LED bulb flashlight. Great for when you are in your car, walking alone, or traveling. If you feel threatened, simply shine in their eyes whichs makes it very difficult for them to see. Colors: Green, Blue, Black, Red or Silver. Please specify your choice upon checkout.$5.00

  • My Body Guard Personal Alarm

    This personal alarm combines two great deterrents: a loud alarm and flashing light. Once the cord is pulled out it will activate the 130 DB alarm and flashing light. Since there are four different attachments as well as a belt clip, there are many different ways this alarm can be used: Keychain and laynard attachment allows you to carry it in a purse or pocket. When the cord is clipped to your belt or wrapped around your wrist and the alarm is placed inside your purse, briefcase, or backpack, the alarm will sound if someone attempts to take it from you. The alarm can be instantly converted into a door or window alarm using the included door clip accessory. Opening the protected door or window will activate the alarm and flashing light. Comes with a 9 volt battery. $10.00

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Release and Waiver of Liability

In consideration of the services of Company FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN, its agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, parent, sister or subsidiary corporations (hereinafter collectively FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN), I hereby agree to release and discharge FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN on behalf of myself, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate as follows:

  1. Inherent Risks:  I acknowledge that any physical activity entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, death, or damage to myself, to property, or to third parties.  I also understand and acknowledge that failing to use or properly use physical techniques for self-defense increases my risk of injury or of not surviving an accident or incident while participating in these activities. 
  2. Express Assumption of Risk:  As lawful consideration for being allowed to participate in activities offered by FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN, I expressly agree and promise on behalf of myself and any of the children for which I am responsible, to accept and assume all the risks existing in this activity. My/our participation in this activity is purely voluntary, and I/we elect to participate in spite of the risks. 
  3. Indemnity:  Should FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN or anyone acting on their behalf, be required to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree on behalf of myself and any of the children for which I am responsible to indemnify and hold them harmless (in other words, I agree to pay for...) for all such defense fees and costs.
  4. Personal Skill & Insurance:  I certify that I/we have no medical, mental or physical conditions which could interfere with my/our safety or ability to participate in these activities, or else I/we are willing to assume and bear the cost of all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition. I/we further certify that I/we have adequate insurance to cover any injury, damage or emergency transportation or search and rescue costs I/we may cause or suffer while participating, or else agree to bear the costs of such injury, damage or emergency transportation costs ourselves.

By signing this document, I acknowledge for myself and any of the children for which I am responsible that if anyone is hurt during my participation in this activity, I/we may be found by a court of law to have waived my/our right to maintain a lawsuit against FEMALE AWARENESS INC. AND GABRIELLE RUBIN on the basis of any claim from which I/we have released them herein.